DIY Valentine’s Day Paper Crafts


I love Valentine’s Day! And by Valentine’s Day, I mean I love making Valentine’s Day decorations and eating chocolate! We keep Valentine’s Day simple and sweet. We don’t go all out with dinner in a fancy restaurant and expensive gifts, but we do like to decorate our home with cheery, red and pink decorations and exchange small, thoughtful gifts.

I’ve been making 3D globes and this super simple heart garland for the past few years. The 3D globes can be made for any holiday that you have the right paper for. Fourth of July 3D globes? Just use red, white and blue cardstock or scrapbook paper. Christmas? Recycle last year’s Christmas cards into festive globe ornaments!

The heart garland can be made with any lightweight paper you have at home, you could even use your junk mail! It’s an easy way to add some Valentine’s Day cheer, without breaking the bank!

IMG_6407IMG_6436 IMG_6405IMG_6440

To find out how to make your own decorations, check out my post, This Ohio Life: Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Decor On The Cheap, on the Shoply blog! ♡

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