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I first visited Greenville Falls ten years ago as an intern with Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm. As part of our internship program, we took classes in natural history and interpretation. One of the most hands on classes, Fishes of the Stillwater River Valley, took us to many different creeks and tributaries throughout Miami County. One evening, after seining for fish (and finding lots of other cool aquatic critters), we stopped at Greenville Falls to explore.

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The summer of my internship at Aullwood is one of my happiest summers. I learned so much, gained a lot independence and became close friends with three amazing women. I was lucky enough to intern with Angie, Erin and Pam, ladies whom I still consider friends today. I included my photos from that summer visit to Greenville Falls above in a slideshow. Erin, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to the field trip that evening, so I included my favorite picture of the four of us. Happy Smilies


Since moving back to Miami County, Kenneth and I have been happily exploring old haunts and finding new favorite parks for hiking. After a spring afternoon hike at Stillwater Prairie Reserve (an old haunt), we decided to stop at Greenville Falls, which is fairly close to the reserve. Despite growing up in the area, Kenneth had never visited the falls (and I only had once before!).


Located about 2 miles southwest of Covington, Ohio, the Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area is easy to miss but unforgettable once you find it. The gorgeous, 20 foot cascading waterfall is worth the trip along! Greenville Creek is a 44 mile tributary of the Stillwater River. It starts in eastern Randolph County, Indiana. Before joining the Stillwater River in Covington, the creek drops 20 feet in a glacially cut gorge, AKA the amazing waterfall.


The area has an interesting history, which we read about on interpretative signs on our way to view the falls. In 1897, a man named R.M. Albery and his sons built a dam across Greenville Creek. They constructed a hydroelectric power plant (one of the first in the state of Ohio) to supply Covington with electricity. The plant later supplied electricity to nearby Pleasant Hill and Ludlow Falls.

In addition to the interpretative sign which tells about the history of the area, visitors can also see remnants of the wooden dam, the Albery Mill, an ice house, turbine towers and sluice gates and runs.



Other features of this area, which encompasses 92 acres, includes a nearly 1 mile hiking trail which goes along the creek and through a prairie, a picnic area and a fishing area. While we were viewing the falls we saw some people enjoying the creek via kayak! Rowboat Smiley


My favorite part of this area is the wooden platform which overlooks the falls. The way the platform is situated provides a fantastic view of the falls. I love the sound of the falling water, it’s so soothing!



Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area – Miami County Parks

Address: 9140 Covington-Gettysburg Road and 4720 Rangeline Road Covington, Ohio 45318

Phone Number: 937-335-6273

Hours: Park open 365 days a year from 8am to sunset.

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