Short Hiatus for This Ohio Life


Hello Readers! This Ohio Life will be taking a short break for the next few weeks. Our little family is moving to the Dayton area! We’re excited to be closer to family and friends, but sad to be leaving our friends and the Queen City. I’m busy packing, cleaning and job hunting, with little time to left to post here.

I’ll be back in a little while, well before the end of the month. Have a wonderful October – read something spooky! 🙂

DIY – Love Rock Magnets

Love Rock Magnets

I have a new DIY tutorial for you! These little magnets are so cute and simple! I call them love rocks because last year I started a project where I painted over 100 rocks with hearts and hid them in various spots around Ohio (check them out on my tumblr blog). Those that found the rocks could go to my tumblr address (which I wrote on the back of each rock) and share where they found the rock. Some people kept the rocks they found and others hid them again!

I decided to turn some of my favorite love rocks into magnets instead of sending them out into the world. ♥

They now decorate my refrigerator and my green metal tray magnet board that I wrote a tutorial on for the Mother Earth News Blog. The supply list for this craft is short and sweet.

Magnets 2

The materials you need for this project should be readily available at your local craft store.

You will need:

  • Smooth rocks, these can be purchased at a craft store or found outdoors
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brush
  • Mod Podge
  • 1/2″ round magnets
  • Super glue or hot glue and a glue gun

Gather your materials – let’s get crafty!

Batch of New Rocks to Paint

First, you will need to clean and dry your rocks. I have used found rocks and rocks that I bought at a craft store for this project. The found rocks are usually dirty and the purchased rocks are almost always dusty, so give your rocks a good soapy scrubbing, rinse and set them out to dry.


When they’re fully dry, paint your base color. I try to match the shape of my background color to the shape of the rock, rather than painting an oval or circle on every rock. Depending on what color you use, your rocks will need at least two, possibly three, coats of paint each. Allow the paint to fully dry between coats.


The next step is painting the heart. I free-handed this part, but if you’d be more comfortable tracing a heart, you can print some hearts out on your computer, cut them out and trace with a pencil before filling in with paint. If you mess up, you can always wipe the wet acrylic paint off your rock with a damp paper towel, or wait for the paint to dry and then paint over everything and start over. Just like the base color, each heart may need two or three coats of paint.

I had so much fun choosing the colors for my rocks! I have a pretty large acrylic paint collection so I had a ton of options! If you don’t have very many different colors, you can make your own by mixing your paints. Here’s a little tutorial on mixing blue and orange and all of the different colors you can create!


I love this next step: adding the dots! I mainly used the end of a paperclip that I straightened out, but you could also use a toothpick or even make your dots with a Sharpie marker. Have fun with your designs – make hearts, circles, swirling designs – whatever suits your fancy! The dots only need one coat of paint.

Once the dots dry, give your rocks one or two coats of Mod Podge and allow to dry.

Now they’re ready to be knocked off your craft space by a bored cat. 😉

The final step is using super glue or a hot glue gun to adhere a strong magnet to the back of each of your love rocks. Super simple and super sweet!

Now they’re ready to adorn your fridge, holding up grocery lists, photos, recipes and whatever other bits of paper find their way into your kitchen!

Magnets 1

Photo Friday – July 24, 2015


Happy Photo Friday! These photos are from an evening walk Kenneth and I took at Miami Whitewater Forest. The rain from earlier in the day was gone and the humidity was slightly improved. We heard Eastern Towhees, Northern Catbirds and Wood Thrushes and saw lots of gorgeous summer flowers, like these Queen Anne’s Lace (above and below).

I hope you have a chance to enjoy the great outdoors this weekend!

IMG_8169 IMG_8184 IMG_8201 IMG_8177 IMG_8160 IMG_8193

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Photo Friday – June 12, 2015


Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I posted any photos on the blog, but I’m back today with lots of fishy pics from the Newport Aquarium. Kenneth and I visited last weekend and saw tons of sharks, the new otter exhibit and even walked the Shark Bridge over the Shark Exhibit!

IMG_7550 IMG_7569 IMG_7599 IMG_76011 IMG_7578 IMG_7563 IMG_7606 IMG_7609 IMG_7613 IMG_7617

All images contained within this blog are my own photos (unless otherwise noted). They may not be used for any commercial purpose, printed, or re-used in any form without my prior consent.