DIY + Craft


I love crafting! Why buy something when you can Do-It-Yourself? I enjoy a variety of craft and DIY hobbies, including sewing, collaging, drawing, painting and making gifts for family and friends. I also like to create decorations for our apartment and new toys for our cats. Sometimes I’ll write a tutorial on how to make one of those crafts and post it on the blog. I also occasionally share a drawing that I’m working on or review a craft or DIY class I attended recently.

Check out some of my craft tutorials below!


All Hallow’s Read Bookish Gifts

Carpet Sample Rug

5 Mother-Earth-Friendly DIYs for Mother’s Day

Framed Floral Arrangement

French-Press Terrarium

Holiday Card and Mail Holder

Homemade Cat Toys

Love Rock Magnets

Medal Key Chain and Magnets

Mini-Vases for Floral Arrangements

Metal Tray Magnet Board with Button Magnets

Repurposed Clementine Crate

State Pride Coasters

Teacup Cactus Planter

Winter Floral & Evergreen Arrangements

Valentine’s Day Paper Crafts

Vintage Menu Board

 Clementine Crate Tea