Ohio Love

We all know Ohio is awesome, right? Ohio was recently determined to be the proudest state in the US! Check out the Facebook research done by the Movoto Real Estate Blog for further proof.

I want to know why you love Ohio. I’m collecting a list of Ohio love from Ohio’s biggest fans to be published right here on This Ohio Life.

Do you love all of Ohio’s gorgeous parks or amazing museums? Are you the biggest Reds fan or Buckeye around? Are you proud of Ohio’s roles in aviation and space exploration or Ohio’s role as the “Mother of Modern Presidents?” I want to know!

Email me why you love Ohio at thisohiolife [at] gmail.com! I will post all of the ways we love Ohio right here on this page. No need to write a lot, a sentence or two is plenty. Please include your full name and profession (or favorite hobby) and, if you have them, your website and/or Twitter username.


One of my favorite things about Ohio are buckeyes. What is better than the perfect marriage of creamy peanut butter and chocolate? Nothin’. — Courtney, writer. You can follow me here at This Ohio Life and on Twitter @CourtneyDenning.

My #OhioLove is Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve. — Amy, environmental educator. You can follow her on Twitter @AmyDustyBuffalo.

I love the bounty of Ohio’s farmers markets and the seasonality of the produce. I get excited for the first asparagus and strawberries and then for stone fruits and corn and I love the fall comfort of apples and pumpkins. It’s wonderful to live in an agricultural state with such a variety of farmers and artisan producers with great local cheeses, dairy, maple syrup and grains and to be able to connect with those farmers and producers. We have world class ice creams, spirits and beers all made locally. — Bethia, Food Tour Guide. You can follow Bethia at columbusfoodadventures.com and on Twitter @cbusadventures.

I love parks! Alms is my favorite City of Cincinnati park and Woodland Mound in Anderson Twp is my favorite Hamilton County Park. Either are great for working out among beautiful scenery and an enjoyable place to hang out with family and friends. – Andi’s hobbies can be summed up by the phrase, working out for burgers and beer! Follow Andi online at udandi.com, LunchItPunchIt.com and on Twitter at @udandi.

I love Ohio because it’s surprising in every way, especially when it comes to food. Around every corner you’ll find someone working hard at their passion: a world-class bakery down a side street, a brewery in an industrial park, a cafe in the basement of a downtown building, a coffee shop with an unassuming store-front, a diner down a back alley. – Nicholas, Breakfast blogger. You can follow Nick on Breakfast with Nick and on Twitter @breakfastwnick.

I love the abundance of fresh, seasonal foods that can be found year-round in Ohio as well as the strong network of local food growers and producers. — Nicole, food blogger. You can follow Nicole at A Local Choice and on Twitter @alocalchoice.

My favorite thing about Ohio is the fall season.  I love the chill in the air, the produce, apple-picking, football season, the back-to-school feeling, making soups, wearing cozy clothes, and of course, the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  Sometimes Ohio’s fall season is short, but it’s the best one. – Valerie, blogger. You can follow Valerie at Columbus on the Cheap and on Twitter @cbuscheap.

I love Ohio because of it’s great pathways, raceways and running trails! Ohio is home to a great many race organizations that offer a variety of on and off-road races every year. If you’re a runner or walker, you’re destined to find a race that appeals to you. In addition, Ohio is home to several great community training programs to help you get ready for your next 5K, 10K, half or full marathon. Check them out! – Sara, writer. You can follow Sara at Words to Run By and on Twitter @WordstoRunBy.

My #OhioLove is my Alma Mater, The Ohio State University. The day I moved into Baker Hall East (dormitory), I whispered to myself, “I’m home,” despite having grown up my whole life two hours away in eastern Ohio. Those four years were magical, meaningful, and unforgettable. If I had a thousand chances to live my life over again, I’d choose The Ohio State University for my education every single time. – Autumn, photographer. You can follow Autumn at Autumn Theodore Photography, Best of the Menu and on Twitter @autumntphoto and @bestofthemenu.

We love that Ohio is full of folks who support buying local, growing and eating organic and sustainably grown food and raising their own backyard chickens. – City Folk’s Farm Shop in Columbus, Ohio. You can follow City Folk’s Farm Shop on their website and on Twitter @cityfolksshop.

I love Ohio’s agricultural heritage and vibrant food scene. We have century-old family farms, urban organic farms, and hundreds of farmers’ markets full of seasonal, locally-produced food year-round. – Rachel, food educator. You can follow Rachel at Harmonious Homestead and on Twitter @racheltayse.

I love Ohio because of it’s vast array of amazing treatment and care facilities from hospitals to doctors offices to preventative programs. Ohio is home to world-renowned medical care to help you get or stay healthy. – Sara, writer. You can follow Sara at Blood Clot Recovery Network and on Twitter @ClotRecoveryNet.

I love Ohio because I can go downtown and get the feeling I am in a big city. Then, I can drive 45 minutes or less to pick fresh fruits and vegetables from a local farm. – Kristin, blogger. You can follow Kristin at Cbus Mom and on Twitter @CbusMom.

I love Ohio for the seasons and the different landscapes in our state from the flat farmlands in northern Ohio to the rolling hills in southern Ohio. – Lori, nature lover and mom.

I love Ohio because it has it all: big cities, beautiful countryside, Midwest mentality, great schools, affordable housing, history, four seasons, shopping, lakes, state pride, But, most of all, I love it because it is home. – Amanda, blogger. You can follow Amanda at Girl About Columbus and on Twitter @girlaboutcbus.

I love Ohio because we have the very best zoos anywhere! Between the Cincinnati Zoo and the Columbus Zoo, you couldn’t ask for a better state to live in! – Melissa, Customer Service Representative at Buechner Insurance Group. You can follow Melissa on Twitter @MelissaJ_BIG.

We love Athens County – home of the Ohio Pawpaw Festival since 1999. Celebrating Ohio’s state native fruit at Lake Snowden with three days of all things pawpaw – food, beer, art, education and tons of fun stuff for the entire family. – Ohio Pawpaw Festival. You can follow the festival at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival website and on Twitter @PawpawFest.

I love the food movement and the fantastic variety of restaurants here in Ohio. Someone is always pushing the boundaries! – Alexis, healthy living blogger. You can follow Alexis at Hummusapien and on Twitter @TheHummusapien.

I love that there are 4 distinct seasons, without tons of extreme weather! Plus we’ve got great sports culture thanks to the Buckeyes and lots of fun areas to explore, like the Short North and Grandview in Columbus! – Lindsay, Registered Dietician. You can follow Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean and on Twitter @LeanGrnBeanBlog.

Having spent three decades in California prior to relocating to Ohio, I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect from Ohio. What I’ve found is a state with diverse parks, a great fitness culture, unique neighborhoods, a robust arts and music scene, and numerous burgeoning culinary movements, all blanketed with that friendly Midwest vibe. Even better is knowing that I’ve only scratched the surface of discovering this area’s treasures and hidden gems. As the sage Dr. Emmett Brown once said, “your future is whatever you make it” – I think this area’s future is indeed bright, and I’m looking forward to seeing what develops. – Joe, blogger. You can follow Joe at The 614orty-Niner and on Twitter @CAlipinOH.

My #OhioLove is the arts scene, especially here in Columbus. Our designers, musicians, and artists have all the talent and creativity of the major cities, but with the Midwestern hospitality that makes it such a fun and supportive environment to be a part of. The passionate work being done here constantly blows me away! – Ashley, fashion blogger. You can follow Ashely at StyleOnHigh and on Twitter @ash_styleonhigh.

I love Ohio because there is something for everyone here – big cities, quaint suburbs and country towns; arts and parks; flat lands and rolling hills; sports, recreation and leisure; great schools and universities; four seasons; Columbus and the Buckeyes! And there is so much state pride! I cannot travel anywhere without running into an Ohioan or a Buckeye fan. It’s amazing. It’s home. – Holly, blogger. You can follow Holly at Hey, Hollywood and on Twitter @heyyyhollywood.

I’ve lived here, in the deep south, and out west, but I love Ohio because of it’s four distinct seasons.  We’ve got very prominent winters, summers, springs, and falls – all of which are gorgeous! When I think about moving away I think about how I can’t live without such an even split of four diverse and wonderful seasons! – Erin, blogger. You can follow Erin at House of Earnest and on Twitter @houseofearnest.

I love Ohio because I can experience a thriving big city with killer restaurants, shopping, theater, and sporting events one day, and drive 30 minutes to enjoy rolling country side, apple picking, and the best sweet corn around the next. Of course, cheering for OSU and partaking in Columbus’ incredible food scene doesn’t hurt either. – Courtney, food blogger. You can follow Courtney at NeighborFood and on Twitter @NeighborFoodie.

I love Ohio for its abundance of fresh, seasonal produce, for its amazing local meat and dairy products (butter, yo!), and for the vast variety of local restaurants that utilize those and other local ingredients in innovative and exciting ways. I am constantly inspired by what Ohio’s farmers and food producers have to offer. –  Maria Siriano, food blogger. You can follow Maria at Sift & Whisk and on Twitter @siftandwhisk.

We love Ohio because it has been our home where we have created so many memories with family and friends. We are excited that Columbus continues to be an up and coming city, yet maintains that close knit comforting vibe. Fall is especially beautiful in Ohio and we love being a part of Buckeye Nation! – Kathy and Sophia of Kasual Life. You can follow Kathy and Sophia at Kasual Life and on Twitter @KasualLife.