Why are printers so loud?

on Oct 24, 2020 in Audio Interfaces

We all know how important a machine is? The printer can also be given equal importance. If you run your own company, work in the office or work from home, you need print outs at times. Hard copy documentation is also necessary to keep proof. It is necessary to keep this gadget because of this very purpose that if it breaks down, the workflow will end abruptly. It is safer to be prepared with a ready solution even before facing an unexpected situation. This is the very reason for the existence of printer repair services. Think of it, you are working hard to draught an agreement and your printer might not work if you took a print out. Sounds terrible. Let’s see the key reasons of printer noise. The solution is easy, you can employ and resolve a printer repair service. However, here, if you are only going for a cheap repair, it could only work for once; instead, a reliable and successful...

Ways to connect an audio interface to a phone

on Oct 5, 2020 in Audio Interfaces, Making Music at Home

When you attach a mic to your iPhone or iPad, an audio interface is placed between your microphone and your iOS device. While there is a little more equipment (and money in this process), you have some advantages rather than using an iOS microphone. Let’s see about ways to connect an audio interface to a phone: You can use a broader range of mics because you are not limited to a microphone optimized for use with iOS devices only. You may use preamps to increase and color the audio more than a specific iOS mic allows. More than one microphone can be captured at a time. The exact number of mics which vary depending on your input, but it is up to you and your bank account. You can now bring more equipment and also have to find an autonomous power source for the audio interface. If you’re going to have a four-piece recording band, you’ll need at least four inputs. If you intend...